Rev Up Your Style: Get Free Sunglasses with Every Two Premium Tyres Purchased at Tyres & More!

Rev Up Your Style: Get Free Sunglasses with Every Two Premium Tyres Purchased at Tyres & More!


Tyres & More has this public service announcement just in time for the holidays: if your automotive fitment centre tells you “less is more”, keep driving. Less is never more. More is more. And what’s more, is that when you buy any two or more premium brand tyres from Tyres & More, between 13 March and 27 April 2024, you’ll get a free pair of Binocle Extreme sunglasses valued at R999!


That’s right, buy any two or more tyres from big brand names BFG, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin or Yokohama, from any Tyres & More, and you’ll drive away with great new tyres and a whole lot more style and panache than you arrived with.


With the holidays coming up fast, many of us will be taking to the road to visit family or to go catch the last of the good sunshine. As you plan your drive, remember that safe road trips start with top quality tyres and a good pair of shades.


When it comes to tyres, you can confidently let the tyre gurus at Tyres & More guide your decision about the right tyre for your vehicle and needs. They speak fluent “Tyre”, so they’ll know which speed rating, load rating, size, profile, and type of tyre you need to optimise your vehicle’s handling, performance and safety. So, it’s okay to smile and nod, and simply trust the advice of these proven pros.


As for the freebie, South Africans love a good pair of shades – don’t we? Firstly, it’s because we have rizz. Secondly, we know from experience (ouch!) that the sun is stronger, the ozone layer thinner and the UV rays higher in the Southern Hemisphere. Good shades, like the ones you’ll be getting, offer 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays and are polarized to cut the glare for safer driving.


Finally, one more public service announcement, so you can say you learned two new things today. Do you know when else you need sunglasses? When it’s raining. That’s right, rain scatters light in all directions, intensifying glare, so never leave home without your new polarized sunglasses.


Need tyres? Need sunglasses? Get to Tyres & More fast, where the first 1100 customers to buy any two premium brand tyres will get free shades valued at R999! Visit for more info.

Buy Tyres, Get a Free Kombi Neck Pillow and Travel in Comfort with Tyres & More

Buy Tyres, Get a Free Kombi Neck Pillow and Travel in Comfort with Tyres & More


Are you ready to hit the road for the holidays? Yes, you are! Except, you’re not truly ready to take on the South African roads until you’ve replaced those worn-out wonders you call tyres! Don’t go slip-sliding into your holiday – visit Tyres & More and take advantage of our awesome year-end promotion.


From now until 13 January 2024, you’ll get a FREE comfy, Kombi neck pillow when you buy any four tyres from BFG, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, GT Radial, Hankook, Michelin, Pirelli, Rovello, Sava, Velocity, or Yokohama, at any Tyres & More. Picture yourself driving confidently on the wide open road, with comfortable, safe new tyres while your backseat driver naps on the comfy Kombi pillow. Ah, bliss!


They say the journey is as important as the destination. ‘They’ say a lot of things, but ‘they’ve’ clearly never driven with your family or friends, right?! That’s okay, we’re here to help you reimagine the journey. At Tyres & More, we only travel comfortably. Here’s how you can too:


Tyres – check that they have sufficient tread depth, are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure and that you have the correct tyres for the job. Remember to check the spare!


Clean car – give ‘old faithful’ a thorough scrubbing, dig out receipts from cubbyholes, and shine the tyres. See, you’re already feeling more comfortable.


Creature comforts – wear loose clothing, comfortable shoes and good sunglasses. Prepare a playlist and pack water and snacks to keep you going between stops. Pack neck pillows for comfortable naps – if you’re driving, choose the person you like most to share your Kombi neck pillow with!


Frequent breaks – remember, the drive is part of your holiday and enjoy every minute. Stop at historical sites and beautiful vistas, to stretch your legs, and to refuel the car and its passengers. It may take a little longer to get there, but you’ll arrive rested and happy.


Remember, you can only get a comfy Kombi neck pillow at Tyres & More, and it’s only available for a limited time when you purchase four qualifying tyres. So, what are you waiting for? Visit today to find your nearest store!

Now Velocity Tyres Has a New Expanded Range

Now Velocity Tyres Has a New Expanded Range


For more than two decades, Tiger Wheel & Tyre customers have relied on Velocity tyres to faithfully deliver world-class safety and performance at a price that makes sense. While that will never change, what has changed is that the Velocity range has expanded and is now also available at Tyres & More.


Velocity tyres have earned their street cred over 23 long years – proving they have what it takes to confidently navigate South African roads. From trundling through traffic to driving through dirt, climbing rocks, dodging potholes and putting your foot down (just a little…) on the wide open road, there’s a Velocity tyre to meet your every need.


Old favourites in the Velocity line-up include Reacta, Speedmax and Raptor A/T. Among the new additions are ROTA-ECO, an economical tyre for smaller cars, and ROTA-R, the perfect fit for medium size cars and compact SUVs. Trackmax UHP is designed for larger sedans and those who want a little more performance from their ride, while Trackmax SUV is just right for medium size SUVs. Bakkies and light commercial vehicles will love the heavy lifting capabilities of Loadmax, just as 4x4s will find that Raptor–AT2 can easily take on the ups and downs of the great outdoors.


South Africans have always known that your street cred is measured by what you wear on your feet, and that’s true for your car too. Why? Well, let’s just say it’s one of those uniquely South African things that can’t be explained. When you know, you know. Trust us though, when people see Velocity tyres on your vehicle, they know what you’re about, because real recognises real.


Speaking of which, the Velocity brand is owned by a company that’s as real as it gets – TiAuto Investments is also the proud owner of Tiger Wheel & Tyre, Tyres & More and other trusted South African auto brands. As for the tyres themselves, Velocity tyres are manufactured by the world’s leading tyre brands and handpicked by TiAuto experts to ensure they meet the group’s quality, performance and safety standards and are real enough to carry the Velocity brand.


Need new tyres? Velocity has it covered. Click here to find your nearest Tyres & More and here to find your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre, and to check out the Velocity range online.

New Tyres & More Brings Top-Notch Auto Fitment Services to Kempton Park

New Tyres & More Brings Top-Notch Auto Fitment Services to Kempton Park


On 9 August 2023, Kempton Park residents received the exciting news that a new Tyres & More has opened at the Kempton Park Shoprite Shopping Centre, Cnr. Langenhoven and Central Streets!


What’s all the fuss about?


Having a Tyres & More store in your neighbourhood is a big deal because for 10 years, the company has proven its dedication to delivering top-notch service and earned a hugely loyal customer base. The Kempton Park store promises to uphold the same level of excellence with a team of professionals led by Sales Manager Charles Kukkuk. With 21 years of industry experience and four years at Tyres & More, Charles has the knowledge to ensure you receive expert advice, personalised service, and more.


Upon entering the spacious showroom, your eyes will be greeted by a vast selection of tyres, shocks, brakes, batteries, towbars, bullbars, exhaust systems, and more. To ensure the expert fitment of these top-quality products, the store also has advanced, modern facilities, including five fitment bays and one alignment bay for quick, efficient servicing.


Of course, vehicle safety should never be jeopardised by a tight budget. That’s why Tyres & More offers flexible, convenient payment solutions like PayJustNow and Xpress Credit, to keep your vehicle roadworthy and you and your passengers safe.


What are you waiting for? Are you there yet?


Whether you’re already a loyal customer or new to the brand, Charles and the Kempton Park team invite you to come experience the Tyres & More difference first-hand. Call the store on 010 510 8597 or come visit them and see just how determined Tyres & More Kempton Park is to become the Number 1 destination for all your automotive needs!


For more information about Tyres & More and all that it offers, visit

Tyres & More 10th Birthday

Tyres & More 10th Birthday


So much more than an auto shop – Tyres & More® celebrates 10 years of #KeepingSAMoving

Ten years ago a fresh new brand, from the TiAuto stable, opened an automotive fitment centre in Woodmead that would forever change how South Africans feel about vehicle repairs and maintenance. Now, we have 23 stores, countrywide! From Day One though, Tyres & More® has been so much more than just another auto shop.


More? How much more?

First, let’s check how we deliver on the basics. Yes, from minor to major services and repairs, you get world-class automotive service. Yes, all the parts we use in our workshops and sell in our showrooms are high-quality brands. Yes, we turn the work around in no time at all. Yes, the emphasis is always on safety first.


What’s more, is that we deliver all this with a fresh, fun approach that injects as much joy into the process as possible, because we know you enjoy fixing your car about as much as you like visiting the dentist. More still though, you’re paying less than you thought possible for our quality workmanship, top-notch parts, and fabulous friendliness.


Finally, at the very heart of everything we stand for is the goal to quickly, effectively, and affordably keep you safely on the road. You, in turn, get to use all the time and money you saved choosing Tyres & More®, to go get more from life. More time with family and friends. More worry-free road trips. More magical new memories were made.


Inspiring New Memories

Speaking of memories, come make some with us as we celebrate 10 wonderful years with a birthday cake for everyone on 25 and 26 August, at all Tyres & More® stores. Plus, check out our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram to claim your voucher for R150 off when you spend R1500 or more, from now until 31 August 2023.


Thank you for putting your vehicle and your safety in our hands for the past 10 years, South Africa! Here’s to the next 10 years of inspiring new memories.


Learn more about Tyres & More® at

Tyres & More® unveils its new logo

Tyres & More® unveils its new logo

South Africa’s fresh alternative to automotive fitment centres rebrands with an equally fresh logo.


Tyres & More® is proud to announce the launch of its new logo. The new visual identity more accurately reflects the brand’s maturity, offering, and commitment to safety, and is effective from 21 November of this year.


With 10 years of experience in the tyres, wheels, and automotive parts market, Tyres & More® is known throughout South Africa for its comprehensive range at the best prices.


Farishta Singh, Group Marketing Executive of Tyres & More®, said, “The business has matured and with it, we thought that the powerful and striking new colours emphasise how strongly we feel about safety and the seriousness of our offering. Our franchisee conference discussed the rebrand last year, and, taking onboard their comments, the new design was agreed.”


The logo has changed from purple to violet, and the orange is less prominent. The shape has changed too, dropping its old oval and crescent background, and opting for a more clean and professional look.


The word MORE in the Tyres & More® logo has now been capitalised to reinforce the message that the business offers so much more than just tyres.


It supplies and fits a wide variety of leading-brand tyres, wheels, batteries, shocks, brakes and wipers. The business also offers free vehicle safety checks, wheel alignment and balancing, 4×4 accessories, wheel and puncture repair, tyre and wheel rotation, and fleet management.


The roll-out of the re-brand has already begun, and piloting the project and rebranding its Centurion Lifestyle store has been a great success, with positive customer feedback. It will now be rolled out across all customer touchpoints in its 25 stores nationwide. There are also expansion plans to open more stores throughout the country.


The refresh will take a year, with the next step being the website and social platforms, which will benefit from the more digital friendly design.


The in-store icons representing the wide product offering, as well as the tagline, Keeping SA rolling, will remain unchanged.


“Tyres & More® celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2023, and we thought it fitting to mark the occasion with a fresh new look. Needless to say, the brand will continue to place safety first, and all our stores will offer the same high standards of professionalism.”


“We remain committed to our principal of the three P’s that define our customer relationship, Purpose, Promise, and Personality. We expect our new look to develop these principals even further,” concluded Singh.


Tyres & More® is a part of automotive parts industry leaders, TiAuto Investments.

Seasons change, so should your battery!

No one enjoys the dreaded roadside assistance call when your battery fails, most especially in the crisp cold of winter. But as we journey through the colder months of the year, TYRES & MORE® wants you to be safe and prevent disaster before it happens. Before you turn down the lights and shut off your car for the day, take a few moments to go through this quick questionnaire to see if your car has signs of a failing battery.

  1. Harder to start your car on cold mornings?

We may struggle to get up and go with the chilly mornings, but your car shouldn’t. An inconsistent start could be a telltale sign of a loose or corroded battery terminal connection or perhaps a low draw of electric current from your battery.

  1. Are your headlights looking dimmer than usual?

With darker early mornings and longer nights, headlights are even more critical during the winter season. If you’ve noticed less brightness illuminating the road ahead when driving with your headlights on, your car battery may be dying and in need of a change.

  1. Have you found problems with your stereo system output?

If your favourite jams seem to have backing vocals from your engine, a battery problem may be looming. Look out for a squealing sound coming from the engine that gets louder as your sound system plays. Alternatively, you could test your battery by turning down the radio and then revving the engine to see if you hear a whine or fuzzy sound.

  1. Are you sure your alternator is in good working condition?

A good alternator regulates your electric current to keep it recharged, but a bad alternator can overcharge and overheat your battery, shortening its lifespan and making it unreliable. If your next car service is on the horizon, be sure to check if your alternator needs a replacement.

If you’ve checked no to all of the above, k

Keep your lucky streak going with the tips below and make sure you get a FREE battery test  at your nearest TYRES & MORE® store.


But if you’ve checked yes to any questions, then tis’ the season for changing for your battery! Shop for your new one with TYRES & MORE® and get R100 off with their latest offer today.


Get Moving and Spring Back to Life with Fantastic In-Store Deals

 When it comes to automotive service centres, TYRES & MORE® stands out as the “one stop shop” for all your vehicle safety and fitment requirements. Dotted across the country, the TYRES & MORE® fitment centres have been assisting locals for over eight years – as a brand synonymous with competitively priced products and services, expert assistance and an overall passion and desire for next level customer service in an industry often marred with disingenuous intentions.

Farishta Singh – Marketing Executive at TYRES & MORE®, “When we initially launched the TYRES & MORE® brand concept, it was meant to provide customers with a friendly and reliable neighborhood establishment where our customers are on a first name basis and are treated like family rather than clients.”

“And almost a decade later, as we reflect on our achievements, we are most proud of our team that have quite sincerely and authentically upheld our brand values and continue to elevate our brand from strength to strength. Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of our communities – the amazing patrons that put their trust and that of their families in our hands each day – and to give back to them is our greatest joy.”

As part of the brand’s endeavor to give back, there are several local social outreach programmes that the stores contribute to annually. Additionally, what better way to show gratitude than with great prices and professional services?

As we watch the season transform, and while preparing for the warmer weather and rain in parts of the country, TYRES & MORE® is looking out for you, encouraging drivers to get their free safety check at their nearest fitment centre. But that’s not all, as part of their annual “spring clean”, it’s time to refresh, recharge and replace with the “Spring Back to Life” promotion where all locations will be offering exclusive in-store only deals from tyres, wheels, brakes, shocks, suspension kits, wipers, services and more. To sweeten the deal and not disappoint our online shoppers, TYRES & MORE® is also offering 30% off wheel alignment and balancing when you purchase the service online.

The “Spring Back to Life” promotion ends 30 October 2021 – but don’t wait too long – get up and get moving to our nearest store today. For more information and a full list of terms and conditions, visit or follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the handle @tyresandmoresa

TYRES & MORE® is a national chain of automotive fitment centres, tirelessly striving to bring more value, more products, more services, and more energy to the fitment centre industry – all without compromising on clean, fun and friendly service.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and for the safety of our customers and staff, TYRES & MORE® continues to implement and encourage strict hygiene protocols and social distancing across all stores.


For queries, please contact:

Natashe Taylor                                                                              Kersh Moodley

Retail Marketing Manager                                                            Social Media & Online Reputation Manager                                                        

+27 11 256 4072                                                                           +27 11 256 4087


Stop. Shock. Go! to TYRES & MORE® for a whopping 52% off brakes and shocks  

When it comes to your family’s safety and that of your vehicle, more is always best – at least that’s what the folks at TYRES & MORE® believe, and majority of fellow road users tend to agree!


As most people excitedly prepare for the long Easter weekend, anticipation is building for cross-provincial travel and long-awaited visits with family and friends. And, while some people remain anxious about travelling over the long weekend, mainly in reference to impatient road users and unpredictable traffic conditions, TYRES & MORE® is here to ensure your vehicle is well maintained and ready to hit the road when you are.


“We may not be able to ease traffic or provide relief from the recurring “are we there yet” question being yelled from the backseat of the car while the soundtrack to Baby Shark plays on repeat; but what we can do is encourage healthy, smart and safe driving”, said Farishta Singh – Marketing Executive at TYRES & MORE®.


Continuing, “By offering customers free safety checks at all our fitment centres, we hope to do our part in ensuring their vehicles are road worthy and reliable. At TYRES & MORE®, we want our customers to benefit from value for money deals – and that’s why we offer safe and complete vehicle maintenance solutions at affordable prices.”


With a profile that already includes competitively priced products and services, TYRES & MORE® further offers customers a massive 52% off premium brakes and shocks. To avail this offer and get a free vehicle safety check, stop by any of their stores located nationwide.


The “Stop. Shock. Go.” promotion ends 31 May 2021 – but don’t wait too long. For more information and a full list of terms and conditions, visit or follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the handle @tyresandmoresa


TYRES & MORE® is a national chain of automotive fitment centres, tirelessly striving to bring more value, more products, more services, and more energy to the fitment centre industry – all without compromising on clean, fun and friendly service.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and for the safety of our customers and staff, TYRES & MORE® continues to implement and encourage strict hygiene protocols and social distancing across all stores.

TYRES & MORE® Implements More Stringent Cleaning Protocols for Customers’ Health & Wellbeing

TYRES & MORE® Implements More Stringent Cleaning Protocols for Customers’ Health & Wellbeing

MIDRAND, South Africa – 19 March 2020 – TYRES & MORE®, a leading national chain of automotive fitment centres, and a division of TiAuto Investments (PTY) Ltd., today announced that as part of its efforts to help reduce the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), it has implemented stringent cleaning and hygiene protocols at its fitment centres, countrywide.

“Accordingly, all TYRES & MORE® store managers and staff have been trained and equipped with the necessary tools to ensure that surfaces in high-contact areas are thoroughly cleaned at frequent intervals throughout the day, in keeping with new heightened cleaning protocols, based on guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO),” said Alex Taplin, CEO of TiAuto Investments (PTY) Ltd.

The company has also rolled out emergency kits consisting of manual hand sanitiser dispensers and sanitising spray to all fitment centres. Taplin says employees are being encouraged to “wash their hands often”, to maintain a social distance of at least one metre from colleagues and customers, and to stay home if they have a fever or develop other symptoms. Employees showing signs of any sickness will be sent home and advised to seek medical counsel.

“This outbreak is uncharted territory for our modern world, and it’s safe to say that it’s by no means business as usual anywhere on Earth right now. That said, it’s necessary for people to remain mobile in these trying times, and we’d like to assure our customers that they can confidently visit our fitment centres, knowing that we are taking every possible precaution to help safeguard their health and wellbeing.”