Tiger Wheel & Tyre Launches New X-Sure® Tyre and Wheel Insurance

Tiger Wheel & Tyre Launches New X-Sure® Tyre and Wheel Insurance


Tiger Wheel & Tyre is excited to announce the launch of an all-new X-Sure® Tyre and Wheel Insurance. This new insurance product offers extensive coverage and additional value-added benefits to protect your vehicle’s tyres and wheels.


Tiger Wheel & Tyre understands that driving is about more than just transportation to you; it symbolises freedom and the connection to life’s most cherished moments. To further enhance your driving experience and your peace of mind, the company has collaborated with trusted partners, The Hollard Insurance Company Limited (Reg No.1952/003004/06), a Licensed Non-life Insurer and an authorised Financial Services Provider, as the underwriters, and Motorite Administrators licensed as Financial Services Providers in terms of the FAIS Act, to develop the new X-Sure® Tyre & Wheel Insurance.


With X-Sure® customers enjoy the convenience of paying in affordable monthly instalments, with no excess, sparing you from large upfront payments and allowing you to drive with confidence and security. The insurance includes tyre and wheel benefits and offers five flexible options, catering to various needs and preferences and is available on new or used tyres. Each option includes the following benefits:


Tyres: Covering up to two claims in a 12-month cycle, customers are protected against accidental tyre damage events. Claims are not limited per tyre but per event, enabling coverage for multiple tyres within a claim up to the specified benefit limits per tyre. Customers can claim up to 4 tyres per event, with a maximum of 2 events per 12-month cycle.


Wheels: Providing coverage for one claim event over a 12-month cycle, customers are safeguarded against accidental wheel damage. Similar to the tyre benefit, claims are limited to an event rather than per wheel, ensuring comprehensive protection.


Additional Value-Added Benefits


Beyond the comprehensive insurance coverage, Tiger Wheel & Tyre adds further value to your X-Sure® Policy by offering exclusive non-insurance benefits.


Policyholders whose policy has been active for three months are eligible for discount benefits, including a nifty 10% off any battery purchase, and 10% off any windscreen chip repair at participating Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores. If your policy has been active for six months, you qualify for two free puncture repairs per year.


Policyholders whose policy has been active for 12 months, qualify for:

  • One free tyre balancing and rotation service per annum
  • One free wheel alignment per annum after 12 months of your active X-Sure® Policy and thereafter annually, subject to no claims over the prior 12 months
  • A 20% discount on the cost of a full wheel colour change


For easy access to your policy and benefits, Tiger Wheel & Tyre has developed a user-friendly cellphone mobile app, allowing seamless management of your X-Sure® Tyre and Wheel Insurance which is available on the App store.


Experience worry-free driving and protect your tyres and wheels with X-Sure®. For more information and to read all the Ts and Cs, visit any Tiger Wheel & Tyre or go to www.twt.co.za. Your next journey beckons, so don’t wait, embrace the road with confidence today!