Seasons change, so should your battery!

No one enjoys the dreaded roadside assistance call when your battery fails, most especially in the crisp cold of winter. But as we journey through the colder months of the year, TYRES & MORE® wants you to be safe and prevent disaster before it happens. Before you turn down the lights and shut off your car for the day, take a few moments to go through this quick questionnaire to see if your car has signs of a failing battery.

  1. Harder to start your car on cold mornings?

We may struggle to get up and go with the chilly mornings, but your car shouldn’t. An inconsistent start could be a telltale sign of a loose or corroded battery terminal connection or perhaps a low draw of electric current from your battery.

  1. Are your headlights looking dimmer than usual?

With darker early mornings and longer nights, headlights are even more critical during the winter season. If you’ve noticed less brightness illuminating the road ahead when driving with your headlights on, your car battery may be dying and in need of a change.

  1. Have you found problems with your stereo system output?

If your favourite jams seem to have backing vocals from your engine, a battery problem may be looming. Look out for a squealing sound coming from the engine that gets louder as your sound system plays. Alternatively, you could test your battery by turning down the radio and then revving the engine to see if you hear a whine or fuzzy sound.

  1. Are you sure your alternator is in good working condition?

A good alternator regulates your electric current to keep it recharged, but a bad alternator can overcharge and overheat your battery, shortening its lifespan and making it unreliable. If your next car service is on the horizon, be sure to check if your alternator needs a replacement.

If you’ve checked no to all of the above, k

Keep your lucky streak going with the tips below and make sure you get a FREE battery test  at your nearest TYRES & MORE® store.


But if you’ve checked yes to any questions, then tis’ the season for changing for your battery! Shop for your new one with TYRES & MORE® and get R100 off with their latest offer today.