South Coast Residents Rate Tiger Wheel & Tyre Tops

Tiger Wheel & Tyre is the “Best Tyre Shop” on the South Coast according to readers of the South Coast Herald newspaper, who rated the brand tops in the 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards Best of the South Coast.

Winning a Readers’ Choice Award is a significant achievement for the very reason that these awards do reflect the readers’ choice, and are based upon the firsthand experience of readers with the companies they vote for. The newspaper, in turn, goes to great lengths to ensure the sanctity of the voting process. Each reader is allowed to vote only once in any or all of the categories they choose to vote in, and to ensure that is the case, independent auditors, Chantel Elliot and Company, audit the results.

“Apart from winning for the 5th consecutive time – we find it very encouraging that so many motorists choose to put their safety first by electing to buy trusted big name wheel, tyre and automotive battery brands from an established and reputable company,” commented Farishta Singh, Group Marketing Executive. “Thank you, South Coast Herald readers, – your vote of confidence means everything to us!”

It certainly does appear that consumers are united in the opinion that while there are many places you can cut corners and save a few cents, wheels, tyres and automotive batteries are not among these. Hopefully this trend will contribute to increased safety on our roads.

To learn more about Tiger Wheel & Tyre and what makes it the most award-winning and best-loved wheel and tyre brand in Southern Africa, visit the website


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