Tiger Wheel & Tyre “Number 1 Tyre Supplier” in 2021 Die Burger Your Choice Awards

The title of the annual Die Burger reader-inspired awards says it all, “Jou Keuse” or “Your Choice” describes how these awards reflect not the newspaper’s or its affiliates’ opinions, but those of its readers. Each year, readers vote for the companies that have most impressed them in the last 12-months with service and products that went beyond their expectations. This year, it was once again Tiger Wheel & Tyre that most impressed readers and earned the gold title “Number 1 in best tyres & fitment suppliers”.

The award is one more accolade in the continuation of a long and prolific winning streak that has made Tiger Wheel & Tyre the most award-winning and trusted brand in South Africa’s retail wheel and tyre industry. Far from making the company complacent, however, Group Marketing Executive Farishta Singh says that being at the top simply makes everyone in the company work harder.

“It’s like a race, where being in the front means you don’t know how far behind you the second-place runner is. So, whereas the guy in second place knows he has to put in x-percentage more effort to catch you, you have to continue putting in 100-percent effort all the time in order to stay ahead,” explained Singh. “Not that we mind! Our team members are handpicked for their ability and willingness to give their all, all of the time, and they were thrilled to learn that Die Burger’s readers have recognized and rewarded their efforts with this award for the fifth consecutive year.”

To learn more about Tiger Wheel & Tyre and what makes it the most award-winning, best loved and trusted wheel and tyre brand in Southern Africa, visit the website www.twt.to or to locate your nearest store.


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