About Us

TiAuto will be the most admired organisation on the African continent within our industry. This will be achieved by exceeding customer expectations and delivering superior returns to stakeholders in an environment that inspires learning and development for all.

Delighting motorists of Southern Africa with service excellence and the world’s most trusted automotive brands since 1967 while focusing on unprecedented growth to deliver our passion to all parts of the continent. 

We are building a growing business that constantly improves the working environment by offering career opportunities and knowledge development across the entire team. Our business exists for all stakeholders’ benefit, and we demand responsibility and good conscience in all that we do.

Our Culture:
  • No compromise on service
  • Make a customer, not a sale
  • Integrity, Honesty, Reputation
  • Win a customer, not the argument
  • Leadership; Visible, Accessible & Approachable

We are committed to evolving into a data-driven organisation that promotes the ethos of constant improvement and to hold ourselves accountable to each other and to our customers and business partners. We are committed to digital evolution to enhance customer experience and stakeholder returns.

Our Founding Members

In 1972, prominent motor racer Eddie Keizan bought what was to become Tiger Sport Wheels with his prize money from winning the Formula 5000 Championship and went on to become the head of TiAuto Investments, as it is known today. Under his leadership and during his tenure as CEO, his ambition and drive saw the business grow into a multinational leader in the industry. A position it continues to enjoy today.

Eddie was joined by trail legend and Trans Kalahari race winner Keith Rivers in the late 70s to launch Tiger Bikes – a dedicated division focused on everything to do with motorcycles. Rivers later became director of Tiger Wheels Holdings and ran the company’s retail business nationally. In the early 2000s, Alex Taplin was appointed operations director of Tiger Wheel and Tyre. Now, as CEO, Alex drives the business in the modern digital era.

Although Eddie stepped down as CEO in 2008, he was still actively involved as a non-Executive Director, sharing his wise counsel and passion for employees and customers alike. Even though Eddie passed away in 2016, his passion, commitment, and vision for TiAuto Investments live on through the company, its employees, and leadership.

Eddie Keizan

“Our business is defined by the love of two things – what we do and the people that do it.”

Keith Rivers

“The key to success is concentration and focus.”

Alex Taplin

“Laser focus, investment in global brands, data-centricity, and a world-class team executing with precision defines us.”