Drive defensively for a safer festive season

Tiger Wheel & Tyre urges motorists to stay safe over the holidays and gives essential steps that drivers should take.

The festive season is almost upon us. Holidays at the coast. Christmas parties. Long drives to families in the countryside. It’s no wonder December is the most eagerly anticipated time of the year. It is also, with the overload of vehicles on our country’s roads, the most dangerous time to drive.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre has put together practical steps you can take to increase the safety of you and your loved ones. We also take a look at the unique challenges on South Africa’s roads.

Wikipedia defines defensive driving as driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others. Your parents and driving school would probably have covered the basic principles but you may have forgotten them over time, so it’s important to refresh your memory and stay abreast of current trends.

There are, essentially, three principles to defensive driving.

  1. Put safety first by following the rules of the road.
  • Speed kills, as you have less control of your vehicle and less time to react to hazards on the road. So, go easy on the accelerator.
  • Obey traffic signs and lights. They are there to maintain a rules-based road network and, if everyone followed them, it would drastically reduce road dangers.
  • Tailor your driving to the weather. If there are Highveld storms for instance, visibility is reduced, so cut your speed, increase following distances, and turn on your lights or hazards.
  • Office parties are a great way to end the year, but don’t drive under the influence of alcohol, or when you’re sleep deprived.
  1. Be courteous on the roads, but never assume it of other drivers.

Manners cost nothing. It could mean letting someone into your lane, or showing gratitude to other courteous drivers. If everyone drove with manners and predictability, the roads would be a much safer place. As we all know, however, not everyone does. So, assume the worst of others and drive accordingly. Give everyone ample space, and you’ll protect yourself, no matter what they do.

  1. Keep your car running optimally with regular maintenance.

Defensive maneuvers such as quick braking and swerving to avoid dangers will only work if your car is capable. Ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape, especially before a long trip over the holidays. Top up your car’s fluids. Ensure hoses and belts are in good condition and properly attached. Make sure your tyres, as well as your spare, are in good shape and inflated to the correct pressure.

Let’s look at unique challenges motorists face on South African roads.

  • Lack of road maintenance, like potholes, streetlights not working, non-existent signage, and soft or deep road edges means our country’s roads are a disaster waiting to happen. Drive accordingly.
  • Nature can also be a threat, especially flooded roads after torrential rain. Stay alert to official warnings. Listen to radio traffic reports. Increase following distances. And make sure your tyres are in good condition, and have ample tread.
  • This is Africa, so that means a much higher chance of animals on the road, from cattle to buck to stray dogs. Stay alert.
  • Criminals lay spikes on the road to puncture tyres. Motorists are forced to stop and are now vulnerable to being attacked and robbed. Ensure you are off the road before traffic quietens drastically. Don’t drive over anything in the road, like plastic bags, as these can be used to disguise spikes. Drive a few extra seconds behind other motorists so their driving behaviour can alert you to potential threats.

And remember, you’re on holiday. There’s no rush. Take plenty of breaks on long journeys. You’ll stay fresh and alert to dangers.

Start your preparation for the holiday season by ensuring your tyres are in top condition. Visit your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre, and we’ll give your car a free tyre safety check, and give you peace of mind for your trip.

Have a great holiday!

TiAuto’s staff wish Khayalethu Youth Centre a Merry Christmas

TiAuto’s staff wish Khayalethu Youth Centre a Merry Christmas.

The team at TiAuto helped make Christmas a little more special for Khayalethu Child and Youth Care Centre by giving its residents presents for the special day.

TiAuto Investments, the home of the best loved automotive brands and its fantastic team, invited Santa to visit the young men and boys at Khayalethu Child and Youth Care Centre recently.

Roshnee Govender, TiAuto’s resident charity driver, led the initiative to donate Christmas gifts to the centre’s young residents. Gifts, which were handed out to the boys at a Christmas party, included toys, earphones, clothing, and sweets.

“It’s so rewarding to be able to demonstrate our support for Khayalethu Youth Centre over the festive season, especially because their work has been so trying over the pandemic,” said Govender. “The centre does such a great job at helping former street children find their feet in life and go on to achieve bigger and better things.”

Khayalethu Youth Centre provides a home for 35 former street boys aged between six and twenty-one. They aim to prepare these boys physically, emotionally, and intellectually to become responsible, functioning members of society.

The boys are taken off the streets, away from a life of crime, abuse, and poverty, and given another chance to reach their potential. Wherever possible, they are enrolled for further education, skills courses or learnerships, and are supported in finding employment.

“Everyone at TiAuto would like to give a big thank you to Roshnee for her great work at supporting a very deserving cause,” said Alex Taplin, CEO of TiAuto Investments.


Visit to find out more about the centre.


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Tiger Wheel & Tyre partners with PG Glass

South Africa’s leading automotive parts and services brands team up to offer customers even more choice.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre and PG Glass celebrated the launch of their commercial venture at a signing ceremony at the end of November. The ceremony was attended by Charles Bromley PG Group CEO and Sandy Beekhuizen Legal Advisor, and Alex Taplin and Charl Drury, CEO and CFO of TiAuto Investments respectively.

“This was the culmination of many months of hard work, pilot testing, and streamlining of processes,” said Taplin. “PG Glass and Tiger Wheel & Tyre are both powerful automotive consumer brands, and it’s wonderful to unite and offer our customers an even wider range of products and services.”

PG Glass will offer selected service offerings at selected Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores. The stores that took part in the pilot project were Festival Mall, Cresta, Westgate, Soweto, Sunninghill, Sandton, and Fourways, and on the strength of this a structured nationwide rollout will now commence. Tiger Wheel & Tyre and PG Glass look forward to welcoming you for your windscreen replacement and repair needs at a store near you soon


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TiAuto reconfirms its commitment to protecting the environment

TiAuto Investments notes with concern the protests against fuel giant Shell’s seismic exploration off the Wild Coast, and gives its own customers the opportunity to make a difference.

South Africans should rightly be concerned about the activities of big business, and the potentially negative impact that they can have upon the environment. It is also completely within the public’s rights to have their voices heard in peaceful protests and actions.

“We recently launched our end of year campaign where customers who purchased four selected premium brand tyres from Tiger Wheel & Tyre, as well as TYRES & MORE®, would receive a FREE R250 Fuel voucher from Shell,” said Alex Taplin, CEO of TiAuto Investments.

“We chose Shell based on their footprint on the national holiday routes making life easier for our travelling customers. We share the concerns of environmentally aware South Africans though, so we are now also giving customers the opportunity to donate that R250 to WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature.

“We had been in negotiations for the campaign with Shell for several months, and only finalized mid-September. This obviously pre-dates the protests at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town last Sunday, as well as the creation of the online petition calling for the seismic survey to be halted.

“We would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly affirm our commitment to the environment, as well as to the need to find sustainable solutions for a cleaner future. We have been very active in this area, including energy optimization, recycling projects, and putting systems in place for the correct disposal of waste tyres, batteries, and all other consumables. This is, of course, in addition to our full compliance with all legislation regarding environmental issues,” said Taplin.

Customers who choose to donate their R250 reward to WWF can do so by advising their sales representative at point of purchase of their choice to rather make the donation.  At the end of the campaign period these funds will be paid over to WWF and customers will receive an SMS confirming the donation was made on their behalf.


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Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s guide to helping your vehicle’s wheels save you money on fuel

The tyres on your vehicle, the way you maintain them, and your driving behavior all play a significant role in the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes. This impacts the amount of money you need so spend to fill up.

It’s been that way since John Dunlop invented the pneumatic tyre, or rubber tubes filled with air, in the late 1880s. And while petrol prices in his day may seem ridiculously low by our standards, the principle remains that the more fuel your engine uses to keep your vehicle’s tyres moving, the more money you’re obliged to spend.

And one thing where we and Mr Dunlop agree, is that every cent, or in his case, every penny, counts.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre has put together a list of the things you can do to help the performance of your tyres keep fuel costs down.

Keep your rolling resistance as low as possible. You want the minimum amount of rubber in contact with the tar, because the more contact you have, the more fuel it takes to keep your tyres rolling.

So, keep your tyres inflated to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. You’ll find that info on the driver’s side doorjamb, or in your vehicle’s manual.

Don’t go by the tyre pressure printed on the tyre itself. This is a maximum tyre pressure, and not optimized for your particular vehicle. Over-inflation can cause uneven tyre wear. And inflate them when they are cool, as this is a more accurate measure of tyre pressure.

Keep your tyres standard size. Vehicle makers are obliged, by law and customer demand, to keep emissions and fuel consumption as low as they can. So stay with the optimised OEM tyre size. Remember, a bigger tyre, more aggressive tyre pattern, or lower sidewall profile means extra weight and more engine effort to keep them turning.

There are several other things you can do to keep your tyres running optimally. Rotate your wheels and check their balance every 10,000 kilometres to even your vehicle’s load.

Inflate with nitrogen. Filling tyres with nitrogen, rather than air, maintains optimum tyre pressure.

Insist on premium brand tyres. Yes, they may cost more initially, but their superior quality will keep fuel costs down, as well as lessen the need to replace them often.

The way you drive affects your tyre’s ability to save you money on fuel. Hard acceleration or deceleration, or cornering too fast, gives tyres less traction, which means engine power, fuel, and your money is wasted.


Get more expert advice from tyre professionals at your local Tiger Wheel & Tyre. Visit for top tips, tyre news, and to shop online.

South Coast Residents Rate Tiger Wheel & Tyre Tops

Tiger Wheel & Tyre is the “Best Tyre Shop” on the South Coast according to readers of the South Coast Herald newspaper, who rated the brand tops in the 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards Best of the South Coast.

Winning a Readers’ Choice Award is a significant achievement for the very reason that these awards do reflect the readers’ choice, and are based upon the firsthand experience of readers with the companies they vote for. The newspaper, in turn, goes to great lengths to ensure the sanctity of the voting process. Each reader is allowed to vote only once in any or all of the categories they choose to vote in, and to ensure that is the case, independent auditors, Chantel Elliot and Company, audit the results.

“Apart from winning for the 5th consecutive time – we find it very encouraging that so many motorists choose to put their safety first by electing to buy trusted big name wheel, tyre and automotive battery brands from an established and reputable company,” commented Farishta Singh, Group Marketing Executive. “Thank you, South Coast Herald readers, – your vote of confidence means everything to us!”

It certainly does appear that consumers are united in the opinion that while there are many places you can cut corners and save a few cents, wheels, tyres and automotive batteries are not among these. Hopefully this trend will contribute to increased safety on our roads.

To learn more about Tiger Wheel & Tyre and what makes it the most award-winning and best-loved wheel and tyre brand in Southern Africa, visit the website


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Why choose Wheel Collision

Wheel Collision continues to enhance its brand and grow its footprint by offering its services at Tiger Wheel & Tyre and TYRES & MORE® stores.

Wheel Collision, after being acquired by TiAuto in December last year, now enjoys a raised profile that comes with being part of the larger automotive services group. The company also launched its new website this month as well as refined its corporate profile.

Wheel Collision, formed in 2006, has long enjoyed a reputation of being the country’s most trusted specialist wheel repair company. As the only SABS approved wheel repair centre in South Africa, drivers throughout the country have chosen Wheel Collision for their wide variety of trusted services.

This is even more important due to the poor state of South African roads, whereby motorists demand services that are safe, convenient, and affordable for alloy wheels damaged by the country’s many road hazards and potholes.

The company’s offering remains the same. Wheel Collision specializes in the safe repair and refurbishment of alloy wheels and invests in proprietary machinery that restores alloy wheels to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

These services include both full refurbishment and straightening of bent and buckled alloy wheels. This process is offered at a fraction of the cost of replacing the wheel. Cosmetic touch up repairs and colour customisations are also offered enabling customers to personalize their wheels.

The company follows a robust inspection process on wheel damage and uses patented wheel straightening machinery and real-time X-ray technology to guarantee 100%-wheel integrity and safety.

Wheel Collision provides a lifetime warranty on workmanship and a manufacturer’s warranty on paintwork for all refurbished wheels.

Customers can take advantage of Wheel Collision’s superior offering by visiting their stores. Wheel Collision’s Full Refurbishment Branches are located in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. There are 52 Xpress Rim Repair Branches in partnership with Tiger Wheel & Tyre and TYRES & MORE®. There is also a 24-hour workshop in Johannesburg ensuring a speedy turnaround time. Loan wheel stock is available to keep customers mobile, and this is strategically situated across all branches, including Tiger Wheel & Tyre and TYRES & MORE®.

Wheel Collision’s new website and corporate profile may be viewed at


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Tiger Wheel & Tyre “Number 1 Tyre Supplier” in 2021 Die Burger Your Choice Awards

The title of the annual Die Burger reader-inspired awards says it all, “Jou Keuse” or “Your Choice” describes how these awards reflect not the newspaper’s or its affiliates’ opinions, but those of its readers. Each year, readers vote for the companies that have most impressed them in the last 12-months with service and products that went beyond their expectations. This year, it was once again Tiger Wheel & Tyre that most impressed readers and earned the gold title “Number 1 in best tyres & fitment suppliers”.

The award is one more accolade in the continuation of a long and prolific winning streak that has made Tiger Wheel & Tyre the most award-winning and trusted brand in South Africa’s retail wheel and tyre industry. Far from making the company complacent, however, Group Marketing Executive Farishta Singh says that being at the top simply makes everyone in the company work harder.

“It’s like a race, where being in the front means you don’t know how far behind you the second-place runner is. So, whereas the guy in second place knows he has to put in x-percentage more effort to catch you, you have to continue putting in 100-percent effort all the time in order to stay ahead,” explained Singh. “Not that we mind! Our team members are handpicked for their ability and willingness to give their all, all of the time, and they were thrilled to learn that Die Burger’s readers have recognized and rewarded their efforts with this award for the fifth consecutive year.”

To learn more about Tiger Wheel & Tyre and what makes it the most award-winning, best loved and trusted wheel and tyre brand in Southern Africa, visit the website or to locate your nearest store.


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Tiger Wheel & Tyre Wins “Best Tyre Shop in KZN” for 17th Year Running

In a world of uncertainty, the people of KwaZulu-Natal are absolutely certain of one thing – that Tiger Wheel & Tyre is the “Best Tyre Shop”. For the 17th consecutive year the Daily News readers voted in the “Your Choice” awards.

The annual awards have been polling readers since 2004 to vote in the Daily News newspaper for their top performing businesses in a host of categories. The results are the independent reflection of the readers’ choice, and as the newspaper points out are “an endorsement by the general consumer that your business is the best in the industry.”

“Tiger Wheel & Tyre is truly honored to receive this award, and we are humbled by this continued display of loyalty by our customers. I speak for everyone on our KZN team, when I say that we’ll work even harder to win your votes again next year,” said Group Marketing Executive, Farishta Singh.

To learn more about Tiger Wheel & Tyre, its products, services, and what makes it the most award-winning brand in its industry, visit the website to shop online or to locate your nearest store. What’s more is that you can have your damaged wheels safely repaired at any of our stores.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre wins Ask Afrika Award for the fifth time

South Africa’s most well-known automotive parts and fitment brand takes first place in the Vehicle Consumables category once again.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre is proud to announce its winning performance, and first-place award, in the 2021 Ask Afrika Orange Index®. This award is even more important considering the country’s overall backdrop of declining customer service.

The Index recognized Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s achievements across multiple customer service benchmarks. These include customer experience, communication skills, sticking to agreed deadlines, professionalism, industry knowledge, first-call resolution, and treating customers fairly. Tiger Wheel & Tyre ensures these benchmarks are met or exceeded, and all staff undergo training to uphold the company ethos and standards expected of them.

This year, the Index also focused on how brands were meeting the challenges of providing safe service to their customers during COVID-19. Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s performance in this area was highly commended.

The company offers Xpress Pick-up and Delivery, where customers could book a timeslot by telephone, have their vehicle collected, taken to the store for its fitment service, and then returned. Payment could be made through Ozow. This limited customer contact to a bare minimum, and this contact was addressed by maintaining strict hygiene protocols. Of course, those customers that did want to bring their vehicles into our stores enjoyed the same stringent protocols.

The index, celebrating its 20th anniversary, is the broadest and most widely referenced customer experience measurement in South Africa. The benchmark index has been tracking customer satisfaction, and its changing trends and expectations, since 2001.

Ask Afrika tracks customer experience and service scores across 31 industries and 200 individual brands. A total of 19, 986 South Africans were interviewed between May and July 2021 to establish which companies provide the best customer experience in South Africa.

The Index enables a comparative view between and across industries. It also enables investigative diagnostics whereby brands can identify pain points across the value chain that need corrective action.

 Ask Afrika’s heritage is well known for creating some of the most useful, go-to industry benchmarks, including the Ask Afrika Orange Index®, the Ask Afrika Icon Brands®, the Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands®, and the Target Group Index® (TGI).