Prepare for Holiday Road Trips with Some Fast and Some Fun Facts from Tiger Wheel & Tyre

Prepare for Holiday Road Trips with Some Fast and Some Fun Facts from Tiger Wheel & Tyre


In a world of constant change, isn’t it nice to know that some things never change? Like the fact that when 16 December rolls around each year, literally every South African is officially in holiday mode! Are you driving to your holiday destination this year? Tiger Wheel & Tyre is ready to tackle the journey with you. Let’s start with some fast facts and some fun facts.



Fast fact: If you drive with under-inflated tyres, you’ll put extra wear into the tyres, risk tyre failure, and increase your petrol consumption! Stop at Tiger Wheel & Tyre before you hit the road, and let’s inspect and inflate your tyres properly.


Fun tyre fact: The world’s largest tyre manufacturer is… drumroll… Lego! Thanks to its popular toy sets, the Danish toy company produces more (tiny) tyres than any other manufacturer.


Wiper Blades

Fast fact: Over time, wiper blades become brittle and lose flexibility. This causes ineffective wiping, leaving behind water, dirt and debris on the windscreen. Replace worn-out wipers with brand new Bosch wipers at Tiger Wheel & Tyre, and get a clear line-of-sight while driving in the wet.


Fun fact: Windscreen wipers were invented in 1905 by a woman, Mary Anderson. How many marriages do you think ended before that, with the words: “Honey, grab that rag and give the window a wipe”?



Fast fact: Alloy wheels are so called because they are made from alloy metals – a combination of aluminium and other materials. This provides the optimal balance between strength and lightness, as well as better performance and looks!


Fun fact: Before alloy, wheels were made from steel, a much heavier, less fuel efficient and far less attractive solution than the stylish alloy wheels sold at Tiger Wheel & Tyre.



Fast fact: Car batteries typically last three to four years, but depending on the climate you live in, how often you drive, and how many accessories you plug in, yours could last as long as six or as little as one year. Need a battery? Tiger Wheel & Tyre has you covered with batteries from AtlasBX and Duracell.


Fun fact: Revving the car engine while jump-starting another car does not provide more power to the dead battery. In fact, excessive revving can damage the electrical systems in modern cars.


Are you ready to roll, South Africa? Find your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre at, stop in for your free vehicle safety check, then let’s journey together!

Tiger Wheel & Tyre Takes Ownership of the Brand’s Two Gaborone Stores

Tiger Wheel & Tyre Takes Ownership of the Brand’s

Two Gaborone Stores


There’s exciting news for Gaborone motorists who live or work near Old Lobatse Road or Airport Junction – it’s time to visit your local Tiger Wheel & Tyre store and see the changes that have taken place since September.


On 1 September 2023, the Old Lobatse Road and Airport Junction Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores changed ownership. Once owned by franchisees, the stores are now in the very capable hands of the company itself and are better than ever.


Take a drive and go see for yourself how thoroughly well-stocked the stores are, with top-quality products from the world’s leading brands. Highly trained, friendly staff members will be delighted to walk you through the showroom.


Once there, staff will proudly show off a wide range of tyres from brands like BFG, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin, Velocity, Pirelli, Yokohama and more. They will also be thrilled to introduce exciting wheel styles from TSW, Black Rhino, and Racing Hart Concepts, automotive batteries from ATLASBX and Duracell, and a range of Bosch windscreen wipers.


Do you need new tyres? Don’t wait until it’s too late. You’ll never forgive yourself if a failed tyre makes you late for an exam, graduation, job interview, a wedding or worse! Plus, there’s an exciting promotion going on right now. When you buy any four Hankook or Yokohama tyres you’ll get a FREE pair of Binocle sunglasses, valued at P647! This fantastic campaign continues while stocks last or until 13 January 2024.


Don’t waste another minute, head over to 1280 Old Lobatse Road, or to Shop 401, Airport Junction Shopping Centre, Airport Road for a warm Tiger Wheel & Tyre welcome, and to see what all the fuss is about.

Shelly Beach Tiger Wheel & Tyre is South Coast Readers’ Top Choice for Tyres

Shelly Beach Tiger Wheel & Tyre is South Coast Readers’ Top Choice for Tyres


Tiger Wheel & Tyre Shelly Beach has done it again! For the seventh consecutive year, South Coast Herald readers have voted it the “Best Tyre Shop” in the newspaper’s”Best of South Coast Readers’ Choice Awards 2023”.


“A huge thank you to our loyal customers for bestowing this award on us again,” commented Louis Khan, Tiger Wheel & Tyre Shelly Beach franchisee. “I’m immensely proud of Bruce Barnes, our store manager, and the team of dedicated professionals that he leads so well. This team always goes the extra mile to keep our customers moving reliably and confidently towards the things that matter most to them. It’s wonderful to see their efforts rewarded so richly, with this resounding vote of confidence!”


If you live in or near, or are planning to visit Shelly Beach, stop by 53 Marine Drive and give Bruce and the team a high five for their efforts, and see for yourself what the fuss is all about. You’re always guaranteed of a warm welcome from the team at this high performing store.


While you’re there, check out the showroom with its impressive display of wheels, tyres, and automotive batteries from the world’s leading brands. Then stick your head in the fitment centre and watch technicians fit these products, and balance and align wheels and tyres, and more besides.


Want to learn more about South Africa’s most award-winning wheel and tyre brand? Visit today.

Premium Tyres Triumph Over Budget Tyres under Rigorous Test Conditions

Premium Tyres Triumph Over Budget Tyres under Rigorous Test Conditions

Test by professional driver reveals a clear winner


In a test conducted by professional driver Daniel Barbosa, the debate between budget and premium tyres has been settled at last, and the verdict is crystal clear – premium tyres are the optimal choice for safety, performance, and peace of mind on the road.


In September 2023, Barbosa, who has 24 years of experience in the motor industry and as an advanced driving instructor, was invited by Tiger Wheel & Tyre to conduct a test comparing budget and premium tyres. The results shed light on the many reasons you should choose premium tyres to keep you, and the people who matter most to you, moving safely towards the things that matter most in life. Let’s take a look at the results.


​​Controlled Environment and Identical Conditions

To eliminate bias from the results, the following conditions were observed:


  • To ensure that handling under the various conditions tested was due to tyre performance alone, both tests used the identical vehicle – a mid-range, premium BMW with advanced systems.
  • For consistency, Daniel Barbosa drove both vehicles.
  • New tyres were installed on both cars, with one fitted with a premium brand tyre and the other with a budget tyre.
  • The tests were conducted at Gerotek test centre – a controlled environment, free from distractions – to isolate tyre performance.
  • Each test was run multiple times, for fairness and to exclude anomalies.
  • Tyre pressures were identical and as per manufacturer recommendations for the specific vehicle.


Safety Prevails

The importance of road safety took centre stage, and the results spoke volumes. In the wet cornering test, a BMW equipped with budget tyres grappled with a long, slippery turn. Without the aid of dynamic stability control (DSC), the vehicle struggled to maintain stability, even at a modest 45 kilometres per hour, ultimately leading to a complete loss of control.


In stark contrast, the same BMW equipped with premium tyres conquered the challenge with confidence. In the absence of traction control, the premium tyres exhibited exceptional grip and control. Even as speed increased to 45 kilometres per hour, they maintained a firm grip on the road, demonstrating control that was sorely lacking with budget tyres.


Steering Precision

The next challenge involved a slalom course, emphasising the critical role of tyres in steering precision. The vehicle equipped with premium tyres handled the slalom with finesse and ease, responding accurately to steering inputs at a consistent 40 kilometres per hour.


By contrast, the same slalom test proved to be a formidable challenge for the vehicle fitted with budget tyres. The car exhibited noticeable understeer, making it difficult to navigate the cones and ultimately resulting in a loss of control.


The Braking Contest

In the dry braking in a straight line test, braking performance was put to a test that most drivers face on a routine basis. At 60 kilometres per hour, the premium tyres demonstrated impressive braking capabilities, coming to a controlled stop within a reasonable distance. This is noteworthy because 60 kilometres per hour is the maximum speed limit in urban environments. While the braking distance increased slightly at 120 kilometres per hour, it nevertheless remained impressive.


The budget tyres performed similarly well at 60 kilometres per hour, but faced a substantial challenge at 120 kilometres per hour; requiring 6–8 additional metres to stop compared to the premium tyres. These results underscore the dangers arising from subpar tyre performance during emergency braking.


Wet Conditions Magnify the Divide

To assess tyre performance in rain conditions, the braking test was repeated at 60 kilometres per hour in the wet. The vehicle with premium tyres exhibited controlled baking and a slightly extended stopping distance, a reflection of the wet surface. However, it remained in control throughout the process.


In contrast, the vehicle with budget tyres struggled under similar conditions. The stopping distance increased significantly, and the vehicle grappled with maintaining control. In an emergency situation, this difference in performance would be significant.


Conclusion: A Clear Winner Emerges

This comprehensive tyre testing by Daniel Barbosa and Tiger Wheel & Tyre conclusively proves that premium tyres outperform their budget counterparts across all critical parameters. Premium tyres deliver superior grip, handling, and braking capabilities, ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers alike.


While budget considerations undoubtedly influence our tyre purchasing decisions, the evidence presented in this test reveals that choosing premium brand tyres could save your life. If you’re determined to brake with confidence when it matters most, then premium tyres are the smart and responsible choice. Luckily, Tiger Wheel & Tyre offers flexible payment options, including PayJustNow and Xpress Credit or Mobicred for online purchases, so you can always put safety first.


South Africa’s trusted tyre partner offers a wide range of premium tyre options to choose from. For more information and to explore your options, visit or stop by your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre store today.

Daily News Readers Vote Tiger Wheel & Tyre their Top Pick for the 19th Time

Daily News Readers Vote Tiger Wheel & Tyre their Top Pick for the 19th Time


Readers of The Daily News newspaper, in KZN, have voted Tiger Wheel & Tyre the “Best Tyre Retailer” for an astonishing 19th consecutive year!


The Daily News “Your Choice Awards” is a popular annual measure of how KZN consumers feel about the retailers and companies that serve them. Readers vote based on their personal experience and for nearly two decades, Tiger Wheel & Tyre has secured their vote.


“It’s an incredible privilege to have our customers continue to demonstrate such resounding confidence in us, and in such a public manner,” said Chris Farrar, Managing Executive of Tiger Wheel & Tyre. “We will continue working hard to show we deserve their trust.”


To find your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre and learn more about what the Best Tyre Retailer in KZN can offer you, visit the website

Die Burger Newspaper Readers Vote Tiger Wheel & Tyre “Best” in Class

Die Burger Newspaper Readers Vote Tiger Wheel & Tyre “Best” in Class


For the seventh consecutive year, readers of Die Burger newspaper in the Western Cape have voted Tiger Wheel & Tyre as Number One when it comes to “Best Tyres, Batteries and Accessories” in the region!


The popular Afrikaans newspaper runs the “Jou Keuse” (“Your Choice”) competition annually. Readers are asked to vote for their favourite companies in 75 different categories, and winners are awarded the title and bragging rights to “Best” in that category.


“We are honoured that Die Burger readers continue to put their trust in us,” said Farishta Singh, Group Marketing Executive of Tiger Wheel & Tyre. “Our singular focus is to keep our customers moving safely and reliably towards the things that matter most to them. This award tells us we’re doing that in a way that meets and maybe even exceeds their expectations. It’s a great honour!”


Tiger Wheel & Tyre is the trusted wheel and tyre partner of South African motorists who have places to go and people to see. The company has a nationwide footprint of 114 stores, with 18 of those located in the Western Cape, where most readers of Die Burger hail from.


To find the Tiger Wheel & Tyre store closest to you or to learn more about what the Best provider of Tyres, Batteries and Accessories in the Western Cape can offer you, visit the website

Motorists Vote Tiger Wheel & Tyre “The Best Place to Buy Tyres in Pretoria”

Motorists Vote Tiger Wheel & Tyre “The Best Place to Buy Tyres in Pretoria”


Readers of the Pretoria Rekord newspaper have voted Tiger Wheel & Tyre “The Best Place to Buy Tyres” in the Best of Pretoria Readers’ Choice Awards 2023. This is the 10th year the awards have been run and also the 10th consecutive time that Tiger Wheel & Tyre has won!


“Ten years is a long time to have motorists continue telling you that you’re doing a great job,” said Chris Farrar, Managing Executive of Tiger Wheel & Tyre. “A huge thanks to our Pretoria customers for bestowing this award on us. It’s a great honour, and we’ll continue doing everything we can to keep you safely moving towards the things that matter most to you.”


What can “The Best Place to Buy Tyres in Pretoria” do for you? Visit the website to find out.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre Sets Up Shop in Raslouw, Centurion

Tiger Wheel & Tyre Sets Up Shop in Raslouw, Centurion


An exciting new tenant has set up shop at the Lifestyle @ 55 Shopping Centre in Raslouw, Centurion. On 25 September, Tiger Wheel & Tyre unveiled a brand new store in the popular lifestyle centre, situated at the corner of the R55 and Lochner Road.


Speaking on behalf of the team, Acting Sales Manager, Jared Lombard said, “Tiger Wheel & Tyre is thrilled to have expanded its footprint to this fast-growing area of Centurion. The store’s team has trained hard for the opening and I couldn’t be prouder of their enthusiasm and professionalism. We invite everyone who lives, works or drives through the area to stop in and check out the store, have a chat and a coffee with us, and let’s get to know each other”.


Tiger Wheel & Tyre Raslouw has a superb showroom stocked with top wheel brands like TSW, Racing Hart Concepts, Black Rhino, and more as well as tyres from big names like Bridgestone, BFG, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin, Velocity, and Yokohama. Also on offer are batteries from AtlasBX and Duracell. All these products and a host of services are fitted and supplied with care by highly skilled technicians, in the store’s four fitment and two alignment bays.


If there’s one thing Tiger Wheel & Tyre understands better than most, it’s how important your vehicle is to you. It’s more than a machine and definitely more than a status symbol. It’s what allows you to drive to all the things that matter most in life; like family, friends, work, social gatherings, holidays and more. More than anything, it represents freedom. That’s why Tiger Wheel & Tyre is committed to keeping you moving towards those things that matter most.


Of course wheels, tyres, and batteries aren’t in most people’s monthly budget, so Tiger Wheel & Tyre Raslouw offers flexible payment options, including PayJustNow and Xpress Credit. To learn more about what you can expect at your new neighborhood store, visit or simply stop by and say hello. The store can also be reached on 010 510 9316.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s Award-Winning Streak Continues


Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s Award-Winning Streak Continues


The winning streak continues for South Africa’s most awarded retail wheel and tyre company. Afrikaans weekly newspaper, Rapport announced that the first place “Platinum Award in its 2023 “Leserskeuse” (Readers Choice) awards, in the “Bandverskaffers” (tyre suppliers) category, goes to Tiger Wheel & Tyre.


This is Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s third consecutive win of this prestigious award, the results of which are based on the independent votes of newspaper readers.


“We couldn’t do this without our amazing customers and the fierce loyalty that drives them to make the effort to vote for us, and for that we thank them,” said Group Marketing Executive, Farishta Singh. “And, of course, a high-five to all Tiger Wheel & Tyre staff members whose unflagging commitment to customer satisfaction made this possible.”


For more information on the award-winning Tiger Wheel & Tyre, visit

Now Velocity Tyres Has a New Expanded Range

Now Velocity Tyres Has a New Expanded Range


For more than two decades, Tiger Wheel & Tyre customers have relied on Velocity tyres to faithfully deliver world-class safety and performance at a price that makes sense. While that will never change, what has changed is that the Velocity range has expanded and is now also available at Tyres & More.


Velocity tyres have earned their street cred over 23 long years – proving they have what it takes to confidently navigate South African roads. From trundling through traffic to driving through dirt, climbing rocks, dodging potholes and putting your foot down (just a little…) on the wide open road, there’s a Velocity tyre to meet your every need.


Old favourites in the Velocity line-up include Reacta, Speedmax and Raptor A/T. Among the new additions are ROTA-ECO, an economical tyre for smaller cars, and ROTA-R, the perfect fit for medium size cars and compact SUVs. Trackmax UHP is designed for larger sedans and those who want a little more performance from their ride, while Trackmax SUV is just right for medium size SUVs. Bakkies and light commercial vehicles will love the heavy lifting capabilities of Loadmax, just as 4x4s will find that Raptor–AT2 can easily take on the ups and downs of the great outdoors.


South Africans have always known that your street cred is measured by what you wear on your feet, and that’s true for your car too. Why? Well, let’s just say it’s one of those uniquely South African things that can’t be explained. When you know, you know. Trust us though, when people see Velocity tyres on your vehicle, they know what you’re about, because real recognises real.


Speaking of which, the Velocity brand is owned by a company that’s as real as it gets – TiAuto Investments is also the proud owner of Tiger Wheel & Tyre, Tyres & More and other trusted South African auto brands. As for the tyres themselves, Velocity tyres are manufactured by the world’s leading tyre brands and handpicked by TiAuto experts to ensure they meet the group’s quality, performance and safety standards and are real enough to carry the Velocity brand.


Need new tyres? Velocity has it covered. Click here to find your nearest Tyres & More and here to find your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre, and to check out the Velocity range online.