Double Win For Wheel Collision As Brand Also Launches New Pretoria Repair Centre


Founded in 2006 and acquired by TiAuto Investments in 2020, Wheel Collision has, over recent years, established itself as one of South Africa’s predominant wheel repair and refurbishment centres.

Nicholas Viljoen – Managing Director at Wheel Collision, “As part of the TiAuto Investments business model that’s focused on providing smart, qualitative and affordable solutions to consumers, we recognise that we’re living in economically challenging times, where replacing wheels is not always an option, especially considering the current state of our roads. Wheel Collision offers customers an alternative solution – why replace when you can repair? Our services are not only affordable but guaranteed to restore your wheel to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.”


Continuing, “In addition to specialised and advanced techniques used in the refurbishment process, our highly skilled team of professionals are key to the success of our business. We believe in diversity and providing opportunities for learning and developing while on the job. Being a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) compliant business, we hope to encourage change and promote development across all key areas of business within our own company and hope that others will follow suit.”


To meet the demands of a growing customer base, Wheel Collision has cultivated its offering to include dedicated services such as full wheel refurbishments, wheel straightening, wheel colour change, and minor mag repairs through Mobile Mag Medic – where they come to you! Furthermore, their operations span across the country with main refurbishment centres located in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and now Pretoria, at the corner of Pretorius and Duncan Street in Hatfield. For ease of accessibility, Xpress Repair Centres are also available at selected Tiger Wheel & Tyre and TYRES & MORE® stores, providing while-you-wait wheel straightening services.


As the only SABS-accredited alloy wheel repairer in South Africa, make Wheel Collision your only choice for professional service and quality workmanship that’s quick, easy, convenient and affordable.

For more information visit www.wheelcollision.co.za or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Premium Used Tyre Retailer Part of Mission to Bring Joy to Young Children


As part of an ongoing endeavour to improve the lives of local communities, TiAuto Investments, through its subsidiary Used Tyres South Africa, is bringing smiles to the faces of children at the local municipality.

Partnered with the Department of Occupational Therapy, Used Tyres SA recently donated 200 tyres, used in the building of a local school playground in Gauteng, specifically in the bustling township of Diepsloot, located in the City of Johannesburg.

“As a brand, and more importantly, as a team of people that genuinely care about local communities, we want to be able to help where we can. Donating these used tyres is just a simple act to help effect vital change,” expressed Farishta Singh – Group Marketing Executive at TiAuto Investments.

Adding, “This life stage is critical in the development of young minds. These playgrounds give these young kids the opportunity to come together and learn through exploration, all in an environment that is safe and fun.”

Used Tyres South Africa, or as they are more commonly known, UTSA, is an approved used tyre retailer, supplying premium quality tyres at affordable prices. All used tyres go through a stringent inspection process with only the safest selected for reselling. Tyres that do not meet standards are recycled, reducing wastage and contributing to a more sustainable future for the South African environment.


Voted “Best Tyre Supplier” By Beeld Readers

 Another milestone achievement in an already victorious year for beloved auto-fitment brand, Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

“Thank you to the wonderful readers of the Beeld publication for once again voting Tiger Wheel & Tyre number one in the “Bandverskaffer” category. This is now the tenth year that we have been awarded this amazing and gratifying honour, which is a true testament to our team members for consistently providing outstanding service to our valued customers,” said Farishta Singh – Group Marketing Executive at TiAuto Investments.

The first-place platinum win for the retail giant comes in an already celebratory year, as Tiger Wheel & Tyre commemorates 55-years of getting South Africans home safely. To mark this momentous journey, the brand is celebrating the consumer, by giving back. Shoppers stand a chance to win one of 55, R2022 vouchers that will be awarded throughout the year. You are also invited to take a ride through the decades, looking back at some of the brand’s greatest milestones.

Visit Tiger Wheel & Tyre for premium products, quality service and professional advice.

For more information log on to www.twt.to or follow @TigerWheelnTyre as their journey continues –  | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Beware the dangers of buying counterfeit or replica wheels!

TiAuto urges all consumers to insist on the safety offered by genuine-brand wheels.

“Make no mistake, counterfeit wheels will fail, and when they do, the consequences could be catastrophic.” These are the hard-hitting words of Alex Taplin, CEO of TiAuto Investments.

The warning comes as authorities inform the public that criminals are flooding the market with counterfeit car parts and accessories, including alloy wheels.

Counterfeit wheels can be very hard to spot as they carry the trademarks of well-known car manufacturers or legitimate after-market wheel manufacturers.

“If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is,” continued Taplin. “Criminals within the industry are selling these wheels at very low prices, and, unfortunately, unsuspecting customers can be taken in by this perceived value. But, please, don’t fall for it. You are unwittingly putting the lives of yourself, your friends, and your family at risk. At the very least, you will end up paying more in the long run to have them repaired or replaced in the event of damage or failure.”

Testing shows that counterfeit, or replica, wheels, are of deeply inferior quality. In some cases, they are barely capable of carrying the vehicle’s unloaded weight, let alone any added passengers or goods. The sub-par engineering typically imparts either cheap, second-rate raw materials, or simply not enough material in key structural areas of the wheel which do not hold up to the challenges of real-world driving.

Authentic, aftermarket, alloy wheels, on the other hand, are produced to high quality and safety standards, even more so when it comes to specialty alloy wheels meant for off-road vehicles or sports cars. These standards are met to ensure that alloy wheels hold up under the stress of South Africa’s more extreme driving conditions.

So how can the motoring public distinguish the genuine from the dangerous?

  • Look at the price. If it’s too good to be true, it is exactly that. If you know a set of wheels costs around R20 000, and you see it being advertised for half the price or less, your alarm bells should be ringing. Also consider WHERE its being marketed – Some digital sales platforms / market places are easy prey for unsuspecting consumers.
  • Look at the branding. If the branding is not applied to the set of wheels, or is provided separately, you should steer well-clear. This is one of the biggest tells. Unscrupulous counterfeit dealers will give you decal stickers of respected brands to apply at home. This is done in a misguided attempt to evade prosecution for trademark infringement.

Taplin has the final word. “There’s an old South African adage, ‘Goedkoop is duurkoop.’ That’s especially true when it comes to buying a cheap set of counterfeit alloy wheels. They may cost you less now, but, unfortunately, one way or the other, you will pay more for them in the long run.”

TiAuto Investments, and its well-known brands, Tiger Wheel & Tyre, and TYRES & MORE®, continue to coordinate with law enforcement to crack down on these unscrupulous dealers, and bring them to book.

Should you wish to verify the authenticity of any set of wheels please send a WhatsApp message to 073 137 8377or call 011 832 1174.



TiAuto’s staff wish Khayalethu Youth Centre a Merry Christmas

TiAuto’s staff wish Khayalethu Youth Centre a Merry Christmas.

The team at TiAuto helped make Christmas a little more special for Khayalethu Child and Youth Care Centre by giving its residents presents for the special day.

TiAuto Investments, the home of the best loved automotive brands and its fantastic team, invited Santa to visit the young men and boys at Khayalethu Child and Youth Care Centre recently.

Roshnee Govender, TiAuto’s resident charity driver, led the initiative to donate Christmas gifts to the centre’s young residents. Gifts, which were handed out to the boys at a Christmas party, included toys, earphones, clothing, and sweets.

“It’s so rewarding to be able to demonstrate our support for Khayalethu Youth Centre over the festive season, especially because their work has been so trying over the pandemic,” said Govender. “The centre does such a great job at helping former street children find their feet in life and go on to achieve bigger and better things.”

Khayalethu Youth Centre provides a home for 35 former street boys aged between six and twenty-one. They aim to prepare these boys physically, emotionally, and intellectually to become responsible, functioning members of society.

The boys are taken off the streets, away from a life of crime, abuse, and poverty, and given another chance to reach their potential. Wherever possible, they are enrolled for further education, skills courses or learnerships, and are supported in finding employment.

“Everyone at TiAuto would like to give a big thank you to Roshnee for her great work at supporting a very deserving cause,” said Alex Taplin, CEO of TiAuto Investments.


Visit khayalethu.org.za to find out more about the centre.


For queries, please contact:

Natashe Taylor                                                                                     Kersh Moodley

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+27 11 256 4072                                                                                  +27 11 256 4087

TiAuto reconfirms its commitment to protecting the environment

TiAuto Investments notes with concern the protests against fuel giant Shell’s seismic exploration off the Wild Coast, and gives its own customers the opportunity to make a difference.

South Africans should rightly be concerned about the activities of big business, and the potentially negative impact that they can have upon the environment. It is also completely within the public’s rights to have their voices heard in peaceful protests and actions.

“We recently launched our end of year campaign where customers who purchased four selected premium brand tyres from Tiger Wheel & Tyre, as well as TYRES & MORE®, would receive a FREE R250 Fuel voucher from Shell,” said Alex Taplin, CEO of TiAuto Investments.

“We chose Shell based on their footprint on the national holiday routes making life easier for our travelling customers. We share the concerns of environmentally aware South Africans though, so we are now also giving customers the opportunity to donate that R250 to WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature.

“We had been in negotiations for the campaign with Shell for several months, and only finalized mid-September. This obviously pre-dates the protests at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town last Sunday, as well as the creation of the online petition calling for the seismic survey to be halted.

“We would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly affirm our commitment to the environment, as well as to the need to find sustainable solutions for a cleaner future. We have been very active in this area, including energy optimization, recycling projects, and putting systems in place for the correct disposal of waste tyres, batteries, and all other consumables. This is, of course, in addition to our full compliance with all legislation regarding environmental issues,” said Taplin.

Customers who choose to donate their R250 reward to WWF can do so by advising their sales representative at point of purchase of their choice to rather make the donation.  At the end of the campaign period these funds will be paid over to WWF and customers will receive an SMS confirming the donation was made on their behalf.


For queries, please contact:

Kersh Moodley                                                                                Natashe Taylor

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+27 11 256 4087                                                                              +27 11 256 4072

TiAuto and SAPS Seize Counterfeit Black Rhino Wheels in Cross-Country Raids

Consumers cautioned to be wary of dangerously poor-quality counterfeit wheels


MIDRAND, Gauteng – 20 December 2019 – Treads Unlimited, the authorised South African distributor of the Black Rhino range of 4×4 wheels, and a division of TiAuto Investments, holding company for South Africa’s most trusted brands, including TYRES & MORE® and others, today revealed that it is in the midst of a massive crackdown on sellers of counterfeit and dangerous knock-offs of the Black Rhino brand.

Since September 2019, teams comprising members of the South African Police Service’s Commercial Crime Unit, local authorities and industry experts, have raided sites in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal and seized an undisclosed number of counterfeit Black Rhino wheels. The seized goods are being held for safekeeping, pending their destruction in order to preserve the safety of unsuspecting South African consumers.

Treads Unlimited cautions South African motorists to be extremely wary of retailers offering Black Rhino wheels at prices that seem too good to be true.

“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. We cannot emphasise enough how very dangerous these counterfeit wheels are. Testing has revealed them to be of a deeply inferior quality and incapable of carrying the loads for which they are supposedly rated. Worse still, some models are barely capable of carrying the vehicle’s unloaded weight,” said Alex Taplin, CEO of TiAuto Investments. “The physical integrity of these wheels is compromised due to sub-par engineering, which includes a significant reduction in the amount of expensive but necessary materials in the wheel structure. Make no mistake, these wheels will fail and when they do the consequences could be catastrophic. We urge vehicle owners to do their due diligence and only purchase Black Rhino wheels from TYRES & MORE® and other reputable retailers.”

According to Treads Unlimited, it can be difficult for the untrained eye to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit Black Rhino wheels. As a result, the company is offering owners of Black Rhino wheels a free wheel inspection at any TYRES & MORE® fitment centre, countrywide. Here, technicians will inspect the wheels by removing them from the vehicle for full inspection and thus determine if they are genuine or counterfeit.

The inspection process will take about 15 minutes – a small time investment for motorists to ensure they aren’t endangering their own or the lives of fellow road users, by driving on substandard wheels. In addition, to encourage consumers to make the time to get the inspection done, TYRES & MORE® have committed to providing all who come to have their wheels checked, with a full wheel balancing, free of charge. If the wheels are found to be fake, the store will advise the consumer on safe, alternative wheels, and give them 10% off the in-store price, should they choose to purchase those wheels from that particular TYRES & MORE® fitment centre.

“While neither Treads Unlimited, TiAuto or any of its subsidiaries, have had any hand in the importation or distribution of these dangerous fake wheels, we nevertheless feel compelled to do whatever necessary to advise, educate and even incentivise consumers to get safe again,” explained Taplin.

He concluded, “We’re about to enter the busiest retail season of the year, and I encourage anyone who is in the market for off-road wheels to call Treads Unlimited on 011 822 1680 to determine if their preferred retailer is an authorised reseller of genuine Black Rhino wheels, or visit www.tyresandmore.com to find their nearest TYRES & MORE® automotive fitment centre. Black Rhino is a premium brand and the genuine product is of the highest quality and an asset to any vehicle. It is regrettable, but hardly surprising that criminals want to cash in on the brand’s impeccable reputation.”

As the investigation and raids continue, Treads Unlimited is offering a reward of R5000.00 in the form of a product voucher to anyone with information that leads to the seizure of counterfeit Black Rhino wheels and/or the arrest of individuals involved in the import, distribution or sale of such wheels. Email your tip-offs to Werner Fourie at wernerf@tiauto.co.za.

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