Health & Safety

[heading]Health & Safety at TiAuto Investments[/heading]

The TiAuto Investment Group is fully compliant with the regulations of the Occupational Health & Safety Act. This has been achieved through continually addressing the requirements of the Act in terms of OHSA representation, training and monthly meetings with the OHS representatives.

Internal and external audits are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the required standards are maintained and all our stores and divisions are accredited through an independent Health and Safety specialist company. Each store and division has dedicated First Aid & Safety officers to manage safety and promote safe and clean working conditions.

We continually offer OHS Training which includes first aid, fire hazard and safety training for all employees to address Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

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The Group recognises that the effects of HIV/AIDS can have a major personal, social and economic impact on families, communities and employers.

It is for this reason that TiAuto Investment is committed to ensuring that all staff are made aware of the risks, threats and prevention of HIV/AIDS and has partnered with an independent service provider to educate and provide assistance and support to all employees and their dependents.

This is an ongoing and committed project in the war against fighting this crippling disease.[/text-with-icon][text-with-icon icon_type=”image_icon” icon_image=”126″]


The TiAuto Investment Group is extremely conscious of the need to protect our environment and is compliant with all legislation regarding environmental issues. This includes energy optimisation, recycling projects and has systems in place for the correct disposal of waste tyres, batteries and all other consumables.[/text-with-icon]