Now Velocity Tyres Has a New Expanded Range

Now Velocity Tyres Has a New Expanded Range


For more than two decades, Tiger Wheel & Tyre customers have relied on Velocity tyres to faithfully deliver world-class safety and performance at a price that makes sense. While that will never change, what has changed is that the Velocity range has expanded and is now also available at Tyres & More.


Velocity tyres have earned their street cred over 23 long years – proving they have what it takes to confidently navigate South African roads. From trundling through traffic to driving through dirt, climbing rocks, dodging potholes and putting your foot down (just a little…) on the wide open road, there’s a Velocity tyre to meet your every need.


Old favourites in the Velocity line-up include Reacta, Speedmax and Raptor A/T. Among the new additions are ROTA-ECO, an economical tyre for smaller cars, and ROTA-R, the perfect fit for medium size cars and compact SUVs. Trackmax UHP is designed for larger sedans and those who want a little more performance from their ride, while Trackmax SUV is just right for medium size SUVs. Bakkies and light commercial vehicles will love the heavy lifting capabilities of Loadmax, just as 4x4s will find that Raptor–AT2 can easily take on the ups and downs of the great outdoors.


South Africans have always known that your street cred is measured by what you wear on your feet, and that’s true for your car too. Why? Well, let’s just say it’s one of those uniquely South African things that can’t be explained. When you know, you know. Trust us though, when people see Velocity tyres on your vehicle, they know what you’re about, because real recognises real.


Speaking of which, the Velocity brand is owned by a company that’s as real as it gets – TiAuto Investments is also the proud owner of Tiger Wheel & Tyre, Tyres & More and other trusted South African auto brands. As for the tyres themselves, Velocity tyres are manufactured by the world’s leading tyre brands and handpicked by TiAuto experts to ensure they meet the group’s quality, performance and safety standards and are real enough to carry the Velocity brand.


Need new tyres? Velocity has it covered. Click here to find your nearest Tyres & More and here to find your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre, and to check out the Velocity range online.