[heading]Corporate Social Investment[/heading]

TiAuto Investments is dedicated to Training and Development of all staff in the organisation. This extends to Education offerings to our employee’s families in support of CSI.

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Training and Staff Development is seen as a major contributor to the success and well-being of the Group’s Human Resources. Training is made readily accessible and occurs across all levels of the organization including basic adult education and literacy and extends o tertiary education.

The TiAuto Investments Training Academy focuses on the development needs of all employees and ranges from in-house Technical & soft skills training to Seta accredited Leadership qualifications & Learnerships. The Group contributes significantly to current and ongoing training as this is considered a critical investment and these initiatives are monitored on a regular basis by Senior Management.[/text-with-icon][text-with-icon icon_type=”image_icon” icon_image=”132″]


The TiAuto Investments Group is committed to Corporate Social Investment with its main focus being on Education for our employees families as well Industry partners.

These projects have included:

  • Feeding schemes to various orphanages and organisations.
  • Providing educational packs to orphanages and organisations.
  • Partnership, sponsorship and continuous projects with South African National Blood Services to make “life-saving” contributions.
  • Our employees are involved in taking time out for “food packing” events in association with Stop Hunger.
  • Whilst these projects are very fulfilling and rewarding, TiAuto also provides benefits to our own employees and has implemented CSI projects in the form of School Sponsorship & Bursaries for children of employees who qualify for financial support to attain their educational goals.

We believe that there is an increasing need to contribute towards Education in South Africa to afford others an opportunity to partake in quality Education to equip learners for future careers and to have a positive influence back to society.

It was on this premise that in 2017, The Young Learners Education Trust was created as a conduit for our customers and interested partners to make a difference through the collaboration and contribution of funding to recognised institutions and fellow learners in South Africa.

The Young Education Trust is a registered Trust in terms of Section 6 (1) of the Trust Property Control Act, 1988 No: IT 001421/2017 (G). Interested parties or anyone requiring more information regarding the Trust can contact us at[/text-with-icon]