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What is the Young Learners Education Trust?

The Young Leaners Education Trust (YLET) was founded to Grow Responsible Citizens within our society through Education.  TiAuto Investments, are excited about this initiative and our involvement in this Education Investment Initiative.

The Young Learners Education Trust was founded in 2017 by TiAuto Investments (Pty) Ltd as part of  their desire to make a more impactful and meaningful contribution towards education in South Africa.  This Trust is proudly part of the TiAuto Investments (Pty) Ltd Broad Based Economic Empowerment efforts in support of Corporate Social Investment (CSI).

The Young Learners Education Trust is neither insular or limited to the efforts of the founder, TiAuto Investments (Pty) Ltd.  The holistic goal is to create an eco-system gateway, whereby other businesses and corporates are invited to participate in growing and uplifting education in South Africa.

The Scholarships and Bursaries programmes are aimed at supporting our staff member or their families or any qualifying student by:

      • Offering invaluable scholarships to their children which covers costs of school fees, stationery and uniforms
      • Offering bursary opportunities to study further.

Our Internships aim to provide students or graduates, across any industry, field and level, with an opportunity to gain relevant skills and work place experience.

Interested persons, younger than 25 years old, who have achieved an average year mark of at least 65% and qualify as a previously disadvantaged individual, are invited to complete and submit the form below.

The selection process is based on the academic ability of the applicant, the field of study, financial circumstances and designated groups are considered.  YLET has a selection committee, who review each application individually and according to merit.  Final approval for the scholarships, bursaries or Internships is granted by the YLET board.

How can you make a difference and get involved?

We invite all businesses and corporates to get involved in any of our projects including:

    • Endorsed Internship Programmes, built to develop youth into future leaders.
    • Bursaries and Scholarships to the youth.
    • Donating funds to the Trust to continue creating educational awareness amongst South African Corporates and businesses.

Financial funding in support of our initiatives are the cornerstone to the success of The Young Learners Education Trust.  To make a donation, please view the banking details below:

    • Account name:  The Young Learners Education Trust
    • Bank:  ABSA
    • Account number:  40-9279-1906
    • Call or email 011 256 4040 or for more information.

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