TiAuto reconfirms its commitment to protecting the environment


TiAuto Investments notes with concern the protests against fuel giant Shell’s seismic exploration off the Wild Coast, and gives its own customers the opportunity to make a difference.

South Africans should rightly be concerned about the activities of big business, and the potentially negative impact that they can have upon the environment. It is also completely within the public’s rights to have their voices heard in peaceful protests and actions.

“We recently launched our end of year campaign where customers who purchased four selected premium brand tyres from Tiger Wheel & Tyre, as well as TYRES & MORE®, would receive a FREE R250 Fuel voucher from Shell,” said Alex Taplin, CEO of TiAuto Investments.

“We chose Shell based on their footprint on the national holiday routes making life easier for our travelling customers. We share the concerns of environmentally aware South Africans though, so we are now also giving customers the opportunity to donate that R250 to WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature.

“We had been in negotiations for the campaign with Shell for several months, and only finalized mid-September. This obviously pre-dates the protests at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town last Sunday, as well as the creation of the online petition calling for the seismic survey to be halted.

“We would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly affirm our commitment to the environment, as well as to the need to find sustainable solutions for a cleaner future. We have been very active in this area, including energy optimization, recycling projects, and putting systems in place for the correct disposal of waste tyres, batteries, and all other consumables. This is, of course, in addition to our full compliance with all legislation regarding environmental issues,” said Taplin.

Customers who choose to donate their R250 reward to WWF can do so by advising their sales representative at point of purchase of their choice to rather make the donation.  At the end of the campaign period these funds will be paid over to WWF and customers will receive an SMS confirming the donation was made on their behalf.


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