Why choose Wheel Collision

Wheel Collision continues to enhance its brand and grow its footprint by offering its services at Tiger Wheel & Tyre and TYRES & MORE® stores.

Wheel Collision, after being acquired by TiAuto in December last year, now enjoys a raised profile that comes with being part of the larger automotive services group. The company also launched its new website this month as well as refined its corporate profile.

Wheel Collision, formed in 2006, has long enjoyed a reputation of being the country’s most trusted specialist wheel repair company. As the only SABS approved wheel repair centre in South Africa, drivers throughout the country have chosen Wheel Collision for their wide variety of trusted services.

This is even more important due to the poor state of South African roads, whereby motorists demand services that are safe, convenient, and affordable for alloy wheels damaged by the country’s many road hazards and potholes.

The company’s offering remains the same. Wheel Collision specializes in the safe repair and refurbishment of alloy wheels and invests in proprietary machinery that restores alloy wheels to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

These services include both full refurbishment and straightening of bent and buckled alloy wheels. This process is offered at a fraction of the cost of replacing the wheel. Cosmetic touch up repairs and colour customisations are also offered enabling customers to personalize their wheels.

The company follows a robust inspection process on wheel damage and uses patented wheel straightening machinery and real-time X-ray technology to guarantee 100%-wheel integrity and safety.

Wheel Collision provides a lifetime warranty on workmanship and a manufacturer’s warranty on paintwork for all refurbished wheels.

Customers can take advantage of Wheel Collision’s superior offering by visiting their stores. Wheel Collision’s Full Refurbishment Branches are located in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. There are 52 Xpress Rim Repair Branches in partnership with Tiger Wheel & Tyre and TYRES & MORE®. There is also a 24-hour workshop in Johannesburg ensuring a speedy turnaround time. Loan wheel stock is available to keep customers mobile, and this is strategically situated across all branches, including Tiger Wheel & Tyre and TYRES & MORE®.

Wheel Collision’s new website and corporate profile may be viewed at wheelcollision.co.za.


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