Rev Up Your Style: Get Free Sunglasses with Every Two Premium Tyres Purchased at Tyres & More!

Rev Up Your Style: Get Free Sunglasses with Every Two Premium Tyres Purchased at Tyres & More!


Tyres & More has this public service announcement just in time for the holidays: if your automotive fitment centre tells you “less is more”, keep driving. Less is never more. More is more. And what’s more, is that when you buy any two or more premium brand tyres from Tyres & More, between 13 March and 27 April 2024, you’ll get a free pair of Binocle Extreme sunglasses valued at R999!


That’s right, buy any two or more tyres from big brand names BFG, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin or Yokohama, from any Tyres & More, and you’ll drive away with great new tyres and a whole lot more style and panache than you arrived with.


With the holidays coming up fast, many of us will be taking to the road to visit family or to go catch the last of the good sunshine. As you plan your drive, remember that safe road trips start with top quality tyres and a good pair of shades.


When it comes to tyres, you can confidently let the tyre gurus at Tyres & More guide your decision about the right tyre for your vehicle and needs. They speak fluent “Tyre”, so they’ll know which speed rating, load rating, size, profile, and type of tyre you need to optimise your vehicle’s handling, performance and safety. So, it’s okay to smile and nod, and simply trust the advice of these proven pros.


As for the freebie, South Africans love a good pair of shades – don’t we? Firstly, it’s because we have rizz. Secondly, we know from experience (ouch!) that the sun is stronger, the ozone layer thinner and the UV rays higher in the Southern Hemisphere. Good shades, like the ones you’ll be getting, offer 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays and are polarized to cut the glare for safer driving.


Finally, one more public service announcement, so you can say you learned two new things today. Do you know when else you need sunglasses? When it’s raining. That’s right, rain scatters light in all directions, intensifying glare, so never leave home without your new polarized sunglasses.


Need tyres? Need sunglasses? Get to Tyres & More fast, where the first 1100 customers to buy any two premium brand tyres will get free shades valued at R999! Visit for more info.